From Pizza To Risotto, Bhagyashrees Lunch Spread Has Got Us Hungry

What would you like for lunch? Well, for Bhagyashree, everything that is on the menu! The actress is an ardent foodie. Her culinary tales on Instagram are a testament to the statement. While Bhagyashree loves to relish different cuisines, she also prefers to keep it as healthy as possible. Confused? Well, a sneak peek into her lunch will put your doubts to rest. Bhagyashree has shared a video on her Instagram Stories, giving us a glimpse of her lunch spread. Can you guess what was on the table? Starting with ragi nachos, which were topped with diced tomatoes and onions along with multiple sauces; next in line were vegetable wraps, pizza, and spring rolls. Bhagyashree scored points on the health quotient as well. We spotted a fresh green salad in the video. However, our personal favourite was a bowl of Risotto and house-brewed ginger ale. Yummy, isn’t it?

Have a look:


If any of Bhagyashree’s indulgence has left you wanting some yummy and healthy food, we have done the homework already. Here are a few recipes if you wish to re-create Bhagyashree’s lunch spread in the comfort of your home.

1.Mushroom Risotto

A delicious buttery risotto with the goodness of mushrooms is a delectable meal to relish on an afternoon. You can either add hot chicken stock or vegetable stock as per your preference. The white wine in this recipe is optional.

2. Paneer Pizza

Do you feel guilty about gobbling down this Italian delight? No more. Try out this healthy pizza recipe. It is loaded with the goodness of paneer (cottage cheese), you can also take Bhagyashree’s route and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds over it.

3. Spring Roll

Spring rolls have different kinds of fillings like noodles, vegetables, chicken and even mutton. At times, these crisp delights can be a little tricky to make. However, if you are attempting to make this dish at home, here is your guide.

4. Wraps

When you need something quick and delicious to satiate the hunger pangs, there’s nothing like a loaded wrap.

5. Caesar Salad

This classic Caesar salad is easy to make. It has the perfect mix of cream and crunch that you shouldn’t miss.

Which one is your favourite pick?

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