Fasting This Navratri? Make This Delicious Vrat-Friendly Amaranth Dosa

Navratri 2022 is in full swing across the country. While Sabudana and Kuttu are popular choices for devotees who are fasting, why not try something different? Popular chef Guntas Sethi has shared an amazing recipe for Amaranth dosa, which can be consumed during Navratri fasts. Amaranth flour or Rajgira atta is a great amount of protein. It’s also loaded with calcium and zinc – two essential minerals. Along with the recipe, the chef wrote, “Vrath ka Rajgira Dosa. Dosa can never disappoint and this Navratri special Rajgira Dosa is just as good as the regular one- it’s crispy, paper thin and so delicious: you have to try it out to know”.

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Here Is The Full Recipe For Vrat-Friendly Rajgira (Amaranth) Dosa:


1) Rajgira flour/ Amaranth flour – 1.5 cups

2) Jeera powder – 1 tablespoon

3) Rock salt – 1 tablespoon

4) Green chilli – 1 tablespoon

5) Coriander (chopped) – 2 tablespoons

6) Water – 2 cups (you can add water until the time you get the desired consistency)

How to make Vrat-Special Rajgira Dosa?

Step 1: In a bowl, take the mentioned amount of rajgira flour, and start adding the other ingredients to it. Put jeera powder, rock salt (usually people who fast use rock salt), green chilli, chopped coriander and water.

Step 2: Mix all the ingredients well. Make sure you don’t add a lot of water so that the batter becomes too thin and don’t put very little water either. Just prepare the batter as you do while making the usual desi pancakes (chilla) a home.

Step 3: Now, heat a pan and spoon the batter on the same. You need to use a spatula to flip the dosa. Cook each side properly until it becomes golden brown. Your amaranth dosa is ready. You can pair it up with vrat-friendly green chutney and potato filling.

Step 4: The chef also stated that you don’t need any oil to make it, make the dosa really thin to keep it crispy. You can also add other toppings and fillings of your choice to enjoy it as a crepe.

Step 5: Chef Guntas also shared the recipe for potato filling that can be eaten with this dosa. For this, heat a little bit of oil in a pan. Add some jeera, chopped green chillies, and curry leaves. Add boiled and chopped potatoes followed by rock salt and some crushed roasted peanuts. Finally, put chopped coriander leaves, give it a nice mix and enjoy.

Make sure you keep yourself healthy even while fasting. Happy Navratri 2022!

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