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Elderly Man Tossed In Air By Bull Near Delhi

The bull is seen charging at the man from behind.

New Delhi:

An elderly man was badly injured after he was tossed in the air by a bull near Delhi. The horrifying moments when the man, a tea seller, was knocked to the ground by the animal was caught on the CCTV of a nearby shop.

In the minute-long clip, the man is seen crossing a street, seconds later, the bull charges at him from behind. The next frame shows him lying on the ground while passersby rush to help him.

The incident happened in Haryana’s Faridabad last Wednesday.

The man has been admitted to a nearby hospital.

The incident highlights the issue of the increasing number of stray animals in the city.

Over 900 people died in accidents caused by stray cattle in Haryana in the last five years, the state government informed earlier this month. In these accidents, 919 people lost their lives and 3,017 sustained injuries,  said Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister JP Dalal.

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