Easy Lunch Recipe: This Yummy Lehsun Dhania Paneer Will Be Ready In No Time

Paneer in any form can please a person’s taste buds. Whether you have it as shahi paneer or as the fiery chilli paneer, and even on top of pizzas- this ingredient never fails to impress us. However, aren’t you bored of that same gravy used in every second paneer recipe? Well, if you are, then how about giving the classic paneer a new look and taste!? For the same, here we bring you a yummy recipe of lehsun dhania paneer to try. As the name suggests, this dish is infused with the sharp flavours of garlic. This sharp flavour is then complemented well with the taste of dhania, giving it a refreshing feel! This paneer recipe is a crowd-pleaser and a must-try!

The lehsun dhania paneer recipe is super indulgent in taste, and it is easy to make too. You only require a few everyday ingredients to cook this up. The best part about this recipe is that it will be ready in a few minutes! This dish is perfect for the days when you don’t feel like cooking much. You can have this dish with either roti or rice. Both ways, it will taste delicious! Plus, don’t forget to cut some onion rings with it when you make it! Check out the full recipe below:

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Lehsun Dhania Paneer: Here’s How To Make Lehsun Dhania Paneer:

First, take a pan and add some oil. Add chopped onions to it. Once it turns translucent, add garlic paste with some ginger. Now throw in the tomato paste. Allow it took thoroughly. Then, add salt, pepper, red chilli powder, and coriander powder and mix. Once the oil starts to separate, add the fresh dhania and mix again. Now, add paneer cubes and allow them to simmer. Once done, serve and enjoy!

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