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‘Diwali Ki Safai’ Memes Take Over Social Media As Festival Of Light Nears

'Diwali Ki Safai' Memes Take Over Social Media As Festival Of Light Nears

The festival of lights will be celebrated on October 24 this year.

Diwali, the most eagerly awaited holiday of the year, is almost approaching. The holiday season is characterised by a cheerful atmosphere, well-lit streets, and guilt-free sugar binges. In addition to the celebrations, Diwali means that every home must do some cleaning. This increases the pressure of completing cleaning in time to take part in the celebration.

Diwali cleaning is an opportunity for some to demonstrate their skills and creativity, but it’s also a chance for others to delegate responsibility. Diwali cleaning pressure, work, and problems have taken over the internet and are now a popular topic on social media. #DiwaliKiSafai is now trending on social media with interesting memes running around it.

Some of the most well-known meme templates have emerged to cater to the taste buds of users, but some rather well-known scenes have also been turned into memes. Let’s have a look at some of these social media posts:

Sharing an old sketch, one user wrote, “Found my 6th class drawing copy during Diwali ki safai .. this is the only one worth posting”.

Taking a dig at it, another user wrote, “Thought of the day: Dirt can never be created nor destroyed; it just gets transferred from one body to another. To clean something, we need to make something else dirty.”

Another user with the popular hashtag wrote: “Desi moms get that ONE CHANCE to snoop in our cupboards during”.

One user took a dig at sibling fights in homes and shared this funny meme.

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