Divyanka Tripathis Yummy Street Food Indulgence Will Make You Crave This Dish

Losing weight and maintaining it is often a challenge for many. Sometimes, we lose weight through exercise, sometimes with dieting, and other times it’s a mix of both. But, generally, when we do this for a long time, we miss that indulgent taste of our favourite foods. When that happens, we can’t wait to dig into treats such as kachoris, samosas, namkeen, and more. And it seems like Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is also digging in some of her favourite treats! Divyanka Tripathi is one of those foodie actresses whom we relate to the maximum. Her Instagram stories feature a variety of delicious food. However, those are often keto recipes that she indulges in. This time around, Divyanka posted a picture of a yummy-looking raj kachori that will make you drool!

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Divyanka Tripathi took to Instagram to share about this indulgence. In the snapshot, you can see a big kachori which is topped with yoghurt, green chutney,imly chutney and some pomegranate. Just beside it there also seems to be a dahi bhalla topped with the same ingredients. On the story, she wrote, “Finally”. She also added a heart emoji beside it. Check out her story here:


Isn’t that looking yummy!? Well, just looking at this raj kachori has made you hungry, how about you make it at home? Making raj kachori isn’t a challenging task. It only requires the everyday ingredients we have in the kitchen. Plus, it will give you a taste that is perfect for this weather! Take a look at the recipe below:

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Raj Kachori Recipe: Here’s How To Make Raj Kachori Recipe

Take a raj kachori basket and fill it with a mix of papri, dahi bhalla, boiled chickpeas, sprouts, pomegranates, bhujia and ginger. From the top, pour some yoghurt, green chutney and imly chutney. Finally garnish with some pomegranate and sev and dig in!

For the full recipe of this yummy delight, click here.

Try this out and let us know how it turned out for you!

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