Dark Chocolate Maggi Is The Latest Bizarre Recipe, Dare To Try It?

Whenever we feel untimely hunger pangs kicking in, instant noodles or maggi are our go-to meal. We quickly boil some water, add the noodles and masala to it and enjoy the hearty treat in a matter of few minutes. From adding vegetables to cheese and even all sorts of spices, there is no limit to the experimentation that can be done with maggi noodles. But if someone served you a sweet version of instant noodles, would you try it? This is exactly what a food blogger duo from Gurugram has done. Recently, their curious innovation called dark chocolate maggi surfaced online, and the video has left foodies confused. Take a look:

The video was shared on Instagram reels by food blogger duo @nerdysisters. “Dare a friend to try this maggi,” they wrote in the caption of the clip. The blogger used the popular song ‘Kesariya’ from the film Brahmastra in the background of the video.

Since the time it was shared, the dark chocolate maggi has received 3.8 million views and 50.7k likes. In the clip, we could see maggi being boiled in a little bit of milk rather than water. Then, once the maggi came to a boil, cocoa powder and chocolate sauce were added to the dish. Lastly, a few pieces of dark chocolate completed the recipe that was served with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

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Dark chocolate was used in the making of this bizarre maggi. Photo: iStock

The dark chocolate maggi video saw an outpouring of reactions in the comments section. “What is wrong with this universe,” asked one user while another wrote, “Maggi ko toh chod do [at least leave maggi out of this].” Another said, “Instagram needs to add dislike button asap.” Another said, “These kinds of people deserve a special place in hell!”

What did you think of the bizarre dark chocolate maggi? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, this is not the only strange maggi recipe that has gone viral on social media. Recently, a maggi recipe made with cold coffee as the base left foodies disgusted. Click here to read more.

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