“Corn Kid” – 7-Year-Olds Love For Corn Made Him Viral; Read His Story

 We all have that one special food that we love above all. An American kid’s immense love for corn is taking him to places. The seven-year-old boy named Tariq is now known as ‘corn kid’ after he went viral online. It all started with an Instagram video in which Tariq talked about his love for corns. The passion with which he talked about his favourite food is what caught people’s attention. And soon he became an internet sensation, featuring in other videos and even ads!

In the video posted on Instagram page ‘recess_therapy’ the boy says “I really like corn.” When asked what he likes about corn, he replies, “Ever since I was told that corn was real it tasted good. But when I tried it with butter, everything changed. I love corn!” The caption of the post “Have a cornstastic day!” has really caught on the internet. 

Take a look:

The Instagram viewed has received 1.9m views so far and around 20k comments like:
“This kid is icornic!!”
“This kid is so special, even grandma is laughing”
“This kid is so adorable! I hope he never loses his passion for corn!”
“But when I tried it with butter, everything changed” is the truest statement”
“He’s so adorable that because of this video I’m sure to have a “corntastic” day!”
“Lol he is too cute lil corn connoisseur”
The popularity of the video led the child to feature in an ad for Chipotle. YouTubers The Gregory Brothers, who create comedy music, also created a song “It’s corn!” And Tariq has also been named “Corn-bassador” – an ambassador of corn for South Dakota in the US.

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