Columbian Woman Reacts To Her First Jalebi Experience; Internet Left Divided

Jalebi is possibly one of the most loved mithais among Indians. Crispy, deep-fried sweet treat, dunked in sugar syrup, jalebi defines indulgence for all. So much so that it holds a constant position in every mithai spread during any celebration. That’s not all. Jalebi is also one of the Indian dishes that has got recognition on a global platform. Visit any part of the world, you will find jalebi on the menu of an Indian restaurant there. However, it seems like the taste of jalebi didn’t sit well with a lady from Columbia. You read it right.

We recently came across a video on social media, where a woman was seen reacting to the taste of the classic desi mithai. Uploaded from the Insta-handle of Colin Gowda, the video features his ‘Columbian wife’, who was all in desi avatar, trying jalebi for the first time. She took a bite and disapproved of the taste with a laugh, “Oh no, no babe.” The video caption read (with a laughter emoji), “Don’t cancel her, at least she’s trying”. Take a look:

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The reaction video instantly went viral on social media and garnered 3.9 million views and 74.5k likes. People, in hundreds, also shared their comments on the reaction.

While some said, “She gotta go, bro”, some people commented, “Will take some time to adjust the taste.” Then there were others, who wrote, “Finally someone agrees with me!!!”

“How can you not like jalebi???!!!” wrote a person. Another person commented, “Cancelled! Go for gulab jamun next.” A third comment read, “If you don’t like the texture, crumble it in some vanilla ice cream! It becomes like a crumble.”

While internet had a mixed reaction to the video, what are your thoughts on the same? Do share it with us in the comments below.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who loves the crispy, sugary taste and texture of jalebis, then here we have the perfect recipe for you. Click here for jalebi recipe.

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