Churn in British politics, Wire-Meta saga, Kejriwal’s currency move

Abhinandan Sekhri, Raman Kirpal, Manisha Pande and Anand Vardhan are joined this week by NDTV’s London correspondent Radhika Iyer and British journalist Sunny Hundal. 

The discussion begins with whether British politics has turned a new leaf after Rishi Sunak’s appointment as the prime minister. They talk about how this is a milestone as far as the issue of ethnicity and citizenship is concerned. “The UK has become slowly, but inevitably comfortable with the idea that it’s a multicultural democracy,” Sunny says. Radhika adds that “to give Boris credit, his campaign was quite diverse, Boris had an Indian wife”. They also discuss Sunak’s stance on immigration policies.

The conversation moves to the Wire-Meta debacle. “This wasn’t just an editorial failure but also a clear case of fabricating the evidence,” says Raman.

They then briefly discuss Kejriwal’s ‘gods-on-banknotes’ demand and his soft Hindutva strategy. “Maybe the B team can hope to be the A team of the same ideology,” Anand chips in.

Tune in!

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