Chhath Puja 2022: 5 Bihari Desserts You Must Try

To say goodbye to the festive season is still difficult for all of us. The good news is that we still have one major festival left. Yes, Chhath Puja is finally here. This festival is widely celebrated in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. People go riversides and canals to show respect to nature, the sun, and the water that keeps us alive. Aside from religious rituals, the special culinary spread prepared during this puja reflects India’s rustic flavours. While many of us are familiar with Thekua, an iconic dish prepared during this festival, there are several other sweets that have yet to be discovered. Belgram and rasiyaw kheer are a few of them. We bring you a list of 5 Bihari treats, you must try this Chhath Puja. Take a look below.

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Here’re 5 Delicious Bihari Sweet Treats You Must Try This Chhath Puja:

1. Khasta Thekua – Our Recommendation

Thekua is a crunchy, slightly sweet biscuit. On Chhath Puja, it is also served as prasad. While making thekua is simple, getting the right texture is the real challenge. The right amount of crisp and crunch elevates the flavour of the dish. Find the complete recipe here.


2. Rasiyaw (Gur Ki Kheer)

Next up, we bring you the recipe for gur ki kheer, which is offered to the Sun God during the festival. It is commonly known as Rasiyaw (or rasia) and is consumed by devotees to break their fast after Puja. Find the recipe here.


3. Paneer Khurma (Belgrami)

This recipe is made with sugar and chhena, also known as farmer’s cheese. The recipe is very simple but difficult to execute. In the cooking process, timings matter the most.

4. Kasar

Rice flour, sugar, dry fruits, coconut, and ghee are the ingredients used to make this sweet dish. Rice flour is roasted and set aside before being combined with dry fruits, coconut, and ghee. Click here for the recipe.

5. Khoya Aur Chawal Ki Kheer

One of India’s most popular desserts, made quickly and easily with only a few ingredients, Chawal ki kheer is an ideal dessert recipe for celebrating a festival or any joy, or simply to serve as an after-meal dessert at home. Find the recipe here.


Try these recipes for Chhath Puja and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Happy Chhath Pooja!

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