CCTV Shows Delhi Car Running Over People After Fight With Biker

The incident took place in Alipur area on October 26.

New Delhi:

Angry after an argument with a biker in a narrow lane, a car driver in outer Delhi ran his SUV over several people as he sped away from the locality. At least three people were seriously injured and are undergoing treatment at a local hospital, the police said.

The car driver was identified through CCTV footage from a building in the area and arrested hours later.

The horrific incident took place on October 26 when the car driver grazed past a motorcycle while passing through a narrow lane in Alipur area in North Delhi. This led to an argument and a fight broke out between the car driver and the occupant of the bike.

The locals soon intervened and brought the situation under control, but the car driver – who was angry – pressed the accelerator and ran over the people assembled there. The car driver briefly stopped after running over the people before he speds away from the locality, the CCTV footage show.

The police traced the driver through the number plate of the vehicle and arrested him from his home.

The incident comes just two days after a 35-year-old man was killed following an argument over parking outside an eatery near Delhi. 

In the horrifying incident in Ghaziabad – filmed by a passerby- the victim was pinned to the ground and had his head crushed with a brick in public.

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