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Bengaluru Resident Claims Zomato Removed Her Negative Review, Company Responds

Bengaluru Resident Claims Zomato Removed Her Negative Review, Company Responds

Internet users slammed Zomato and questioned its content guidelines. (File)

Food delivery app Zomato is facing flak on social media after a Bengaluru resident shared a screenshot of her review getting deleted by the company. Taking to Twitter, user Disha Sanghvi claimed that she had suffered severe food poisoning after eating at a restaurant in Koramangala. Consequently, she took to Zomato to review the place and let others know the quality of food served at the restaurant. 

In the caption of her post, Ms Sanghvi stated that she wasn’t the only person who ended up facing a health crisis after eating at the restaurant. She said that the food at the restaurant left her colleague with a severe case of food poisoning as well. She also found several others who had a similar experience in the last few months. 

However, “Zomato took down the review citing this,” Ms Sanghvi said while sharing a screenshot of the alert email she received from the food delivery app about the removal of her review. 

Take a look below: 

In the email, Zomato claimed that it isn’t the correct platform for reporting a health code violation. 

The company wrote, “At Zomato, we conduct regular checks on the reviews published on our platform and within these checks, we noticed that the said review is in violation of our content guidelines. Thus, it has been pulled down on grounds of mentioning health code violations”.  

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“We welcome all opinions on a restaurant however good, bad or ugly and this variety of feedback is what makes Zomato useful to foodies like you and me. That said, we do have a few restrictions when it comes to content that is permitted on Zomato. As per our content guidelines, Zomato is not the appropriate platform for reporting health code violations. We believe that this particular subject is best reported to concerned authorities who can investigate the matter. Due to this reason, your review has been deleted,” Zomato added. 

Ms Sanghvi shared the post on Sunday and within hours her tweet went viral. It even prompted Zomato to respond. “Hi, sorry to hear that. Please share your phone number / Order id via private message and we’ll address this matter immediately,” the company wrote while replying to Ms Sanghvi’s tweet. 

In a separate post, the food delivery app also said that it is currently investigating the issue and will get it resolved as soon as possible. 

However, internet users were quick to slam the firm and question Zomato about its content guidelines. “If people cannot share their experience in the comments and that’s called ‘abusing’ then what are the comments for?” asked one user.

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“Hello Zomato! This is exactly the kind of review I want to see. If the food is average, it’ll just be one to try and skip. But if the food can affect my health, that’s definitely something to be highlighted. If the restaurant makes some resolution, they can reply to the comment,” wrote another. 

“Hey Zomato,  If this is not something you permit on your platform then there is something seriously wrong with your rules.  This is EXACTLY what you want reported and have consumers be aware of it.  Let the vendor respond if it’s unfair,” commented third. 

Ms Sanghvi’s post accumulated more than 4,500 likes and hundreds of retweets and comments. 

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