Beat Monday Blues Like Shilpa Shetty – Try A Glass Of Falooda; Recipe Inside

Failing to focus at work or feeling like taking a long nap, Monday blues can get on our nerves sometimes. However, there are many ways to beat it which includes relishing your favourite treat.  Treats can be anything that lights up your mood, be it a plate of scrumptious chole bhature, a bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream. Well, for Shilpa Shetty, it is a glass full of mouth-watering falooda. No matter what the weather is, falooda can never disappoint you with its creamy texture and delectable taste. And, Shilpa Shetty truly acknowledges that. In her latest Instagram Stories, the actress gave a glimpse of her sweet indulgence to make us all drool. It featured two glasses of falooda filled to the brim and loaded with a variety of fruits.

Has your mouth started watering already? Well, control a bit and try this paan rabri falooda recipe we have got for you. It is not an ordinary falooda but a heavenly combination of falooda, creamy rabri, and minty paan.


Arrange the ingredients below to make your paan rabri falooda.

Rabri – ½ cup

Paan leaves – 3

Milk – ½ cup

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Saffron – Few strings

Basil seeds – ¼ cup

Gulkand – 1 tsp

Paan ice cream – 1 scoop

Pistachio silvers – ½ tsp

Tutti fruity – few pieces

Now, let us begin preparing the falooda.

Step – 1 Soak the basil seeds overnight.

Step – 2 Blend roughly cut paan leaves and some milk together in a food processor.

Step – 3 Take the rest of the milk in a pan and boil it along with sugar with saffron.

Step – 4 Add the paan puree to the milk and cook it till the sugar is dissolved properly.

Step – 5 Let the prepared milk cool down and then add rabri before mixing well.

Step – 6 In a serving glass, put a ladle of the prepared mixture, some gulkand, and a scoop of paan ice cream.

Step – 7 Top it up with soaked basil seeds, pistachio silvers, and tutti fruity.

Do try this interesting recipe. 

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