battle infinity: Gaming crypto Battle Infinity gets listed on PancakeSwap

Battle Infinity (IBAT) a metaverse-focused fantasy sports gaming platform announced its listing on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange (Dex).

IBAT is a utility-based crypto token which is gaining popularity among users. The token was on PancakeSwap on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC.

In its presale initial dex offering (IDO), the token rose close to 700 per cent to $0.011 from $0.0015, putting it among the top performing crypto IDOs of the year amid the bear market.

However, these were only the initial responses from the pre-sale and the stability is warranted. However, the developers also announced that liquidity was locked for one year, reducing the fears of pump and dump.

Everything on the gaming platform will be integrated with the Metaverse and Blockchain technology, said Suresh Joshi, Founder, Battle Infinity, who aims to revolutionize the traditional gaming industry.

“Players playing this game can use IBAT tokens to play the game as well as buy and sell tokens, advertise, monetize and trade in tokens. Battle Infinity Bosses are the tool to back it up,” he added.

Battle Infinity developers also aim to host a decentralized NFT-based fantasy sports league in the metaverse where players can draft and compete with their teams – including cricket teams amongst others.

The platform is integrated with blockchain and metaverse built on bind and smart chain network. The launch event of Battle Infinity was attended by former cricketer Irfan Pathan and actress Urvashi Rautela.

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