Australian Woman Tries Indian Snacks For The First Time; Reaction Goes Viral

Across the world, Indian cuisine is known to pack a punch with its beautiful melange of spices and flavours. While our curries are famous across the world, Indian snacks too are renowned for being delicious. Proving this yet again is a video by an Australian content creator named Tannar. In a video that has gone viral and captured the attention of Indians across the globe, the YouTuber is seen tasting a bunch of Indian snacks for the first time.

In the video, Tannar is seen with a huge cardboard box with an assortment of snacks including Alu Sev, Soan Papdi, Chai Puri, Uncle Chips, Kurkure and banana chips among others. While Tannar loved the coated peanuts, a staple in most Indian homes, she was completely floored by Soan Papdi. Upon tasting the sweet, she said, “I’ve done a lot of these snack videos and I think this might be literally the best thing that I’ve ever put in my entire mouth. Are you kidding me,” comparing it to “hard cotton candy.”

Tannar admits that she prefers potato chips to banana chips, the most popular of snacks from the southern state of Kerala and added that Alu Sev is one of her favourites from the bunch.

While the video shared on YouTube has a modest 27,164 views, on Facebook it has amassed over 5.2 lakh views. In the comments section of the Facebook post, Tannar even added, “They’re definitely hitting my sweet spot, maybe I’ll move to india. What do you think?”

Replying to the post, one user said, “The masala ones will stay on your hands for days unless you have a really strong smelling soap.” To this, Tannar replied, “I realised that shortly after.”

“Soan papdi is something either you like it or you hate it there is no in between…” an Indian user noted. “At last. The Soan Papdi got the respect she deserved…If you’re an Indian [you] know what I’m saying,” another comment read.

Watch the video here:

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