Anushka Sharma Finds Virat Kohlis Go-To Cheat Meal In Mumbai – Can You Guess

When it comes to comfort food, we all have a long list of favourites depending upon where we are from. For Delhi residents, one of the most popular choices is Chole Bhature. Crispy, soft bhature are deep-fried to perfection and served with spicy and tangy chole, accompanied with pickle, rings of onion and a hearty lassi. Anushka Sharma recently took to Instagram to reveal how much her husband, Virat Kohli, loved the classic Delhi-style, street-special chole bhature. The actress had been searching in vain for an outlet in Mumbai that would serve them exactly like the ones sold in Delhi. Anushka Sharma’s search for Delhi-style chole bhature in Mumbai finally came to a successful finish! She took to Instagram to share all about the foodie milestone. Take a look at the story she shared:


Anushka Sharma’s long post about searching for Delhi-style chole bhature in Mumbai.

“Today is a BIG day in our home! Finally, after what seemed like a never-ending search (Honestly, I had given up) for ekdum-Delhi-jaise-Chole-bhature in Mumbai, I am more than happy to announce this search has ended and I have given my husband ecstatic joy,” she wrote in her story. She further revealed that Delhi-style chole bhature was one of Virat Kohli’s favourite cheat meals. “Those who know him know his love for chole bhature. The one cheat meal he has no guilt over. (He watched Delhi chole bhature videos in his free time),” she added. “And finally, after today, he is feeling like Mumbai has done it!!”

The Mumbai outlet that Anushka Sharma discovered was thanks to comedian Abhishek Upmanyu. The name of the restaurant was ‘Delhi Se’ located in Chembur. The actress wrote in her story, “Here’s presenting in the next picture the photo of this source of immense joy and satisfaction in our household today. And I have Abhishek Upmanyu to thank for posting this story a few days back and doing the hard work for all Delhi-based chola bhature lovers like himself!!” Take a look:


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In the next story in the series, Anushka Sharma said that she was happy that this search for Delhi-style chole bhature in Mumbai finally came to a happy conclusion. “To the amount of nak chade reactions I’ve gotten from him on Mumbai chole bhature shops (and believe me he is the most gentle non-snobbish easy-going person otherwise). Today, I sit with my feet up with the satisfaction of having run a marathon (closest I will come to running a marathon anyway!) This is it folks! Over and out,” added the actress.


What did you think of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s foodie discovery? Do you know of any other chole bhature places in Mumbai? Tell us in the comments below.

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