Anupam Kher Gorges On Drool-Worthy Treats, Shares Glimpses With His Followers On Instagram

Anupam Kher is one of the most popular foodies on social media. We can’t get enough of his scrumptious food diaries. Whether he is enjoying traditional homecooked meals or taking us on a visual food tour from the streets of whichever place he visits, the actor often connects with his followers through several food posts. And now, his sweet indulgence has made us hungry. Anupam recently shared a short video on Instagram Stories treating us to a view of his weekend binge. The clip first showed delectable jalebis served on a platter. He then moves the camera to show other sweet delicacies. The two-tier dessert stand came with some other delights including what appeared to be balushahi on the top and some biscuit-like sweet treats at the bottom.

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Take a look:


Anupam Kher has often confessed his love for mouth-watering food including sweet dishes. Once, he gave us a sneak peek of his street food indulgence. When Anupam was shooting his next film The Signature, in Lucknow and Varanasi, he treated his taste buds to some amazing food. On his Instagram Stories, we saw freshly deep-fried puris, jalebis, tasty kachori and aloo.

Anupam Kher’s indulgences are relatable and that’s something we love about his foodie side. He is often seen diving into sumptuous meals and sweet delicacies that are close to the hearts of Indians. Once, he kept us glued to his food diaries with a sweet treat. That day, his Instagram Stories showcased lip-smacking patisa. He wrote, “patisa,” on it. The dish was topped with almonds making it all the more tempting.

Anupam Kher seems to be a hardcore jalebi fan. His food diaries often showed his inclination towards this desi dessert. Jalebis are a sheer delight to have and the actor agrees with this. He often takes his tastebuds on a ride with drool-worthy jalebis. Once, the veteran actor shared a video from Varanasi showing how this crispy sweet delight is prepared. The video provided an insight into how several jalebis are prepared together in rows.

Are you able to relate to Anupam Kher’s undying love for Indian food?

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