Anupam Kher Enjoys A Sumptuous Desi Meal With His Mother – See Pics

We just love how extensive Indian cuisine is. Right from a whole lot of curries cooked into a bunch of unique traditional sabzis to several creatively made flatbreads – there’s so much to explore. And, someone who just indulged in a finger-licking Indian meal is none other than actor Anupam Kher. The actor has shared a sneak peek into his latest culinary adventure. He took to Instagram to share a video story, taking us on a food tour showcasing various elements of his delicious homecooked meal. He first shows us Kashmiri-style dum aloo cooked to perfection. As he pans the camera, we get to see more curries including the one cooked with paneer. There seems to be another curry made with green peas and other spices. Besides, we could also spot a bowl of rice. For salad, there were sliced onions kept on the side. The actor, in the video, can be seen thanking his mother for accompanying him for lunch.


Does this extensive spread make you drool too? If yes, then we have got you covered. Here are some more traditional recipes that can be a part of your sumptuous Indian meal at home. Take a look.

1. Banarasi dum aloo

This quick and easy recipe is sure to bring more taste to your meal. Baby potatoes are sauteed between spices and herbs to give out a delicious curry. Firstly, fry the potatoes until golden. Then, prepare a tomato-based gravy. In that, put potatoes and cook in a pressure cooker.

2. Cashew peas curry

This is a traditional Sri Lankan dish. Interesting, isn’t it? It carries the goodness of cashews along with fresh green peas cooked into a bunch of spices. Cashew peas curry can be best paired with roti or rice. Try this at home and let us know how you liked it.   

3. Paneer korma

Paneer can be cooked and used in several ways while making food. And, this versatility of paneer makes it a go-to food item for vegetarians. This delectable curry witnesses fried and crunchy paneer cubes dunked into a flavourful gravy. Once, the preparation is done, don’t forget to garnish it with fried onions or green coriander leaves.

4. Gobhi mussallam

This appetising dish takes inspiration from murgh mussallam. So, if you don’t eat non-vegetarian food and yet wish to enjoy the taste of Mughlai cuisine, have this curry. Gobhi mussallam will leave you craving for more.   

5. Kadala curry

Kadala curry is a lovely preparation of black chana cooked with a whole lot of ingredients easily available at home. It takes a good time to get ready but it’s worth all the effort.  

So, what will you make for dinner today? Have you already decided on a curry from this list?

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