Adorable Toddler Files Police Complaint Against Mother For Stealing Candy (Video Inside)

The innocence and wonder of a child are like no other! Just to see the world from their tiny eyes brings us bountiful joy. We can’t help but gush over how adorable they look whenever they are trying express a sense of joy or fit of anger. No matter what they do, they always end up looking too cute for us to handle. Recently, we came across a toddler throwing tantrum that is so precious and sweet that it has gone viral! A 3-year-old child in Madhya Pradesh got mad at his mother for stealing his candies and what he did next was hilarious and adorable. The toddler ended up complaining to the police!

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Yes, you read that right! The young boy asked his father to take him to the police so that he could file a complaint regarding his mother’s discretion to the police. To appease the child, the father even took him to a police constable. The father decided to record the whole incident on camera and it has gone viral on the internet! Take a look:

The child in the video has been identified as Hamza and the officer as the sub-inspector of Burhanpur’s Dedtalai, Priyanka Nayak. In the video, we can see the child intently narrating his story to the sub-inspector sharing that “Ammi stole my candies, put her in jail”. The sub-inspector even noted down the complaint to satisfy the child, while trying to control her laughter.

The innocence of the kid has managed to swoon many hearts on the internet! The video even reached the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh. He decided to surprise the boy with a gift and sent him a cycle and some candies. Take a look:

What do you think about the toddler’s complaint? Do you relate to his problem? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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