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AAP Says Will Provide Cleaner Ghats, Foam-Free Yamuna For Chhath Devotees

AAP Says Will Provide Cleaner Ghats, Foam-Free Yamuna For Chhath Devotees

BJP claims ‘poisonous chemical’ used to hide toxic foam in Yamuna river ahead of Chhath Puja. (File)

New Delhi:

Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Saurabh Bhardwaj on Friday took a swipe at the BJP government over its allegations into Delhi Jal Board’s (DJB) Yamuna cleaning exercise and said that the BJP leaders should learn something about “science and technology”.

“BJP leaders should learn something about science and technology. DJB’s anti-foaming chemical technology has also been recommended by the Central Government’s NMCG,” he said.

Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the Delhi Jal Board started preparations to reduce foaming in the Yamuna over a month ago for Chhath Puja to allow devotees to offer prayers to Surya Devta. “Later, the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), under the Central Government, also recommended similar steps as adopted by the DJB to contain foaming in the Yamuna,” he added.

Hitting back at the BJP allegations, Saurabh Bhardwaj said, “It’s absolutely stupid and incorrect to say that a ‘poisonous chemical’ is being used to suppress the foam in Yamuna. Chemicals don’t mean poison. Even chlorine and Alum that are used to clean water are chemicals.”

He said that the DJB is regularly monitoring the parameters downstream of Okhla Barrage through its Okhla Sewage Testing Laboratory which is an ISO and NABL-accredited laboratory.

“The reports of the fresh tests done at the lab reveal that the quality parameters of Yamuna water after spraying have improved. The reports reveal that the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels have reached 4.42 mg/liter which authenticates that the chemical is not poisonous and has in fact improved the quality of the Yamuna water post-spraying of the approved diluted chemical,” he said.

The Vice Chairman further added that all data from various tests show that the quality of Yamuna water has improved steadily and continuously under the Delhi Government. “We are committed to cleaning the river by 2025 as pledged by our Chief Minister while respecting and protecting the religious rights of all,” he said.

“The BJP leaders should give up the dilatory practices and rather answer the real questions concerning the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections that are about to take place. People want to know what the present local body has done with regard to the issues like garbage and cleanliness in the past 15 years. They can’t run away from the real issues,” he added.

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