7 Popular Sandwich Recipes From Across India

If there is a list of versatile dishes out there, then sandwiches will surely get the top spot. After all, one of the most delightful things about cooking is that you are allowed to prepare it according to your requirement and taste buds. And, sandwiches can be prepared in countless ways. If you talk about India, people here have their own desi ways of making it. Well, not many would disagree that the style of cooking also depends on the region you are travelling to in India. Oh yes, we have decided to take a look at the popular sandwich recipes from different regions of the country. Yes, the good news is that you can prepare them at home. Take a look.

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Here’re 7 Sandwich Recipes From Different Regions Across India:

Street-Style Bombay Sandwich:

The street food scene of Mumbai looks incomplete without this super tasty Bombay sandwich. Filled with a yummy mixture of potato slices, cucumber, tomato slices, onion and capsicum rings, this sandwich overall tastes amazing. Also, the usage of green chutney and other masalas packs a punch of flavours in the recipe. Click here for the recipe.

Bread Malai Sandwich:

If you are bored with the regular sandwich recipes, here’s something to give your treat a makeover. Bread malai sandwich carries the goodness of fresh cream (from milk) applied to the slices of bread. Of course, you can experiment with vegetables used for filling. One can find this on the streets of Kolkata. Click here for the recipe. 

Dhokla sandwich:

Who said that you always need bread to make a mouth-watering sandwich? Presenting dhokla with a sandwich twist. Can we call it a wonderful breakfast option, already? Click here for the recipe.

Dahi Sandwich:

This is a great recipe for busy mornings, when you do not have much time to prepare an elaborate breakfast. For this, all you need to do is chop vegetables including cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and onion. Mix everything well with some chaat masala and dahi. Place it between the slices of the sandwich, and pan-fry them. Click here for the recipe.

Peanut Butter Puli Inji Sandwich:

What happens when your peanut butter sandwich gets a South Indian twist? The sumptuous tamarind ginger chutney will take your taste buds on a joy ride. First, take the bread slices, spread butter and toast them. Put peanut butter on one side followed by banana slices. Spread the indulgent tamarind chutney (you prepared) on the other side. Put the slice on the other like you do while making a sandwich and roast for a while. Click here for the recipe.

Homemade Chicken Sandwich:

This is a perfect choice for all those who like to indulge in chicken delicacies. The added advantage is that you just need fifteen minutes to cook this up. A nice homemade chicken sandwich can turn out to be the hero of your party. Click here for the recipe.

Spicy aloo masala sandwich:

This is a quintessential recipe. Agree? Serve it hot with a cuppa and dip of your choice. This one is famous in North India. Click here for the recipe.

So, what’s your take on these desi sandwiches?

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