6-Foot-Long Cobra Throws Up Russell’s Viper. It Was Alive.

Watch: 6-Foot-Long Cobra Throws Up Russell's Viper. It Was Alive.

The snakes, as per reports, were later released into their natural habitat.

A video of a cobra who regurgitated a Russell’s Viper has made its way to the social media.The clip shows a six-foot long cobra regurgitating a Russell’s Viper, which was alive. 

 The incident took place in Banki, Odisha. People living in the area called up the snake rescuer team to handle the situation. The snakes, as per reports, were later released into their natural habitat. 

Meanwhile, the experts believe that it will be hard for Russell’s viper to survive cobra’s neurotoxic venom, as stated by The Times Of India.

A few days back, a video of a 12-foot cobra pouncing on a man created a lot of buzz on Instagram. The person, identified as Mike Holston, was seen tackling the snake with his bare hands. At first, it seemed like an easy job but things got a bit tricky when the cobra tried to pounce on him. Adding details about the cobra, the person said, “12-foot-cobra  in the local village had to be relocated …He was full of ticks and had a spicy attitude…there’s nothing like working with animals in their natural habitat.”

“I just want to be great I have been on a mission to learn as much as possible in this short lifetime we have,” he said.

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