5 Korean Delicacies You Can Enjoy For Breakfast

From grooving to the catchy beats of BTS and BlackPink to sobbing over the heart-breaking K-Drama, the Korean culture has swept us all by a storm and we just can’t get enough! We are so obsessed with Korean culture that we wish to know all about it! As foodies, we are extra curious about what Korean people eat. If you have been wondering what Korean breakfast looks like, then we have found something interesting for you. We have found some of the most popular Korean delicacies that are often enjoyed for breakfast! From coffee and eggs to toast, breakfast is filled with these delicacies with a Korean twist of course.

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Here Are 5 Korean Recipes For Breakfast:


1. Dalgona Coffee – Our Recommendation

This sensational coffee became all the rage during the lockdown! The frothy and strong coffee is prepared by beating coffee, sugar and hot water together and served with chilled milk. Don’t mix the froth with the milk if you want the aesthetic Dalgona look.

Click here for the full recipe for Dalgona Coffee.

2. Korean Pancake

Traditionally, pancakes are sweet and fluffy but Korean pancake is savoury and crispy! It is stuffed with a lot of vegetables, making it a nutritious breakfast. This pancake is flavoured with soy sauce and chilli flakes and tastes very delicious.

Click here for the full recipe for Korean Pancake.


3. Korean Steamed Omelette

This omelette recipe comes with a healthy and Korean twist. The omelette recipes we are all familiar with are fried, but this omelette is steamed, making it a healthier option. The omelette is seasoned with sesame oil, salt, and sugar and cooked with veggies like green onions and carrots.

Click here for the full recipe for Korean Steamed Omelette.

4. Korean Egg Roll

Also known as Gyrean Mari, these egg rolls are unlike the ones we Indians are familiar with. Whisked eggs are seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked in a pan, layered with cheese and rolled into these delicious breakfast delicacies!

Click here for the full recipe for Korean Egg Roll.

5. Kimchi Toast

Kimchi is one of the most popular delicacies of Korean cuisine. It is often served as a side dish and is added to many Korean main course dishes as well. Kimchi is also enjoyed for breakfast! Simply layer some kimchi on a slice of toasted bread and kimchi toast is ready. You can also spread a layer of cream cheese if you want.

Click here for the full recipe for Kimchi.

Try out these Korean delicacies for breakfast and let us know in the comments section which one is your favourite!

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