5 Indian Chicken Recipes To Add To Your Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss is something which is not easy to attain. It requires consistent workouts, a strict diet, and a few more things. However, some basic adjustments in food habits and lifestyle can make the whole process expeditious and smooth. For instance, you can try adding less oil/butter in your everyday food to make it more weight loss-friendly. Now you must be wondering, how can Indian food be prepared without oil?! Well, we are here to help! We have found some interesting recipes that are made with very little oil and all the healthy ingredients. Chicken being the prominent ingredient in all the recipes, these dishes are protein-rich, low-cal and perfect to add to your weight loss diet. So, without further ado, let’s head straight to the recipes and learn how to make them all.

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Here’re 5 Indian Chicken Recipes You Must Add To Your Weight Loss Diet:

1. Dahi Chicken – Our Recommendation

This recipe for dahi chicken is made by using just one tablespoon of oil, making it low in fat. Besides, it’s very easy to make as well. To prepare this chicken curry, all you need to do is marinate boneless chicken pieces in curd along with ginger-garlic paste and some spices for about 30 minutes and then cook with tomato and onion gravy. That’s all. Find the recipe here.

2. Chicken Tangri

If you are a fan of Indian chicken snacks, then this grilled chicken delicacy is a perfect option for you all. With the right amount of healthy ingredients like garlic, green chilli and ginger, there’s all you need to make this lip-smacking chicken recipe. You can enjoy this dish as is or serve as a starter at your dinner party; the choice is yours! Click here for the complete recipe.

chicken wings

3. Low-Fat Tandoori Chicken

Next up, we bring you a recipe that has a huge fan base not just in India but across the globe. Here we bring you a low-fat version of Tandoori chicken. Watch the recipe video here.

tandoori chicken

4. Baked Chicken Seekh

Chicken seekh kebab is all things delightful! Generally, this Mughlai treat is made with tons of masalas and butter, but this time we will go easy on these things. To maximise the health quotient in this recipe, we bring you a recipe that contains very less oil and is also baked. Click here to know the recipe.


5. Low-Fat Butter Chicken

Yes, you can now enjoy butter chicken, guilt free. If you are worried about the taste, fret not! You don’t have to sacrifice the taste. This recipe will taste exactly like your normal butter chicken, and won’t make you feel overloaded. Try out this recipe today. Click here.


Try out these Indian chicken recipes and let us know how these turned out in the comments below. For more such weight loss-friendly ideas, keep coming to our website. Happy cooking!

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